Hi guys... Well its Tara and Im here for my first post. This week has been nuts. Tons of chores to do and my babies have been restless!! Not many plans for this weekend yet. K now I wanna no what ev1 else is up to???

Guess what .... 160 days Til Christmas!!!


  1. Paige said...

    its about time!! LOL! come on everyone else! lets go!  

  2. Kay said...

    Hi Folks!

    We are fine in Grapevine ... just HOT!! I know you can relate.

    Work has been busy, or at least for me. Tyler works 2, possibly 3, evenings a weeks watching others play sports ... he loves it! The other night he helped "coach" a 12 year old girls volleyball team. He got into action and I think became the game clown ... imagine that.

    I think you all knew Phil retired the end of June and I have become the Interim CEO until Sep 2nd. So things have been wild, crazy, busy and somedays just not real pretty.

    Mark your calendars ... Graduation is Sunday, June 7th. Not sure of the time. It will be at the Fort Worth Convention Center. We are planning a joint party on Saturday with some friends, Jacob and Alex, and my friends Cyndy and Lydia. Tyler will be graduating from Colleyville Heritage HS and Jacob and Alex will be graduating from Grapevine HS. They (we) have been friends since the elementary days.

    Well, that's about all our news right now (probably for a while).  


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